Ipswich Hedgehog Project

Keep up to date with the project by following our blog, here.

Making Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK by:

Creating a street by street network of hedgehog friendly streets across Ipswich

By recruiting Hedgehog Champions who will encourage neighbours to manage their gardens for wildlife, we hope to create a network of Hedgehog Highways across town. Champions will receive a resource pack (below) to help them with this task, and can borrow trail cameras and survey tunnels to help monitor their 'hogs. We hope all champions (and their neighbours) will send us a photo of their hedgehog fence holes so that we can map our progress - the first 250 participants can get a free set of Hedgehog Highway plaques to mark their ‘hog holes. Sign up to become an Ipswich Hedgehog Champion here.

Better understanding hedgehog ecology & distribution

Have you seen a hedgehog? Please submit your sightings to our online map, here. You can also take a look at our map to see where the nearest hedgehog sighting to your garden is!

Can you help us survey hedgehogs across Ipswich? We have trail cameras and footprint tunnels that can be borrowed for Ipswich residents or community groups. All training will be provided. Footprint tunnels are really easy to use, and great fun too. Help us by surveying your garden or local park, allotment or green space. Please get in touch for more information.

Last spring we conducted a population study in North West Ipswich to help
validate a method for estimating hedgehog population density. This was a two month research project, with our study site in Ipswich being one of many sites included in a larger study across the UK. We hope that the results could inform future conservation efforts for hedgehogs across the UK. More information on our blog, here.

Raising hedgehog awareness

By holding talks and community events we hope to increase awareness for the threats hedgehogs face and the action that can be taken. We will be running a range of events throughout the year, from evening talks about the ecology of the species to family activity days, surveys, training days and craft afternoons! Check our What’s On and Suffolk Wildlife Trust in Ipswich facebook page to find out more.  Keep up to date with what we have been doing by following our blog.


Christmas hedgehog craft event and the hog pod meets Steve Backshall

Working with schools and community groups

By holding assembly’s and activity sessions at schools within Ipswich we hope to enthuse the next generation to help hedgehogs! Sidegate Primary school is the first to take part, with each class appointing two Wildlife Ambassadors. Ambassadors are learning how they can make their school grounds more wildlife friendly, and the importance of taking these ideas home to help improve connectivity for wildlife across the town. They have created their own leaflets to post to neighbours, and will be tracking who is making ‘hog holes on their big school map. Our work with Sidegate Primary school is part of a new initiative – Wild Ipswich – a collaboration of conservation organisations all working towards a common goal – to reverse the loss of biodiversity.

Primary school children inspired by our project after featuring on CBBC Newsround

Better understanding hedgehog ecology & distribution

We hope to better understand the ecology of hedgehogs by assisting in validating a method for estimating hedgehog population density. This is a two month research project, with our study site in Ipswich being one of many sites included in a larger study across the UK. We hope that the results could inform future conservation efforts for hedgehogs across the UK. 

We would also like to better understand the distribution of hedgehog presence across Ipswich. Can you help? We have footprint monitoring tunnels and trail cameras available for Ipswich residents and community groups to borrow. All training provided. Please get in touch for more information.



Working with businesses to promote hedgehog friendly action

By working with fencing contractors and development planners we hope to raise awareness and increase the number of hedgehog friendly fencing and building options being implemented. Do get in touch if you would like help promoting hedgehog friendly options!

Fence holes installed by Ipswich fencing contractor Goddard Fencing Limited. Photos by Ipswich Hedgehog Champions Ann and Linda

How can you help? 

1) Manage your garden for hedgehogs (Head to our Hedgehog friendly gardening page for advice).

2) Make a hedgehog hole and send us a photo. Mark it with a Hedgehog Highway Plaque (Email hedgehogs@suffolkwildlifetrust.org)

3) Become a Hedgehog Champion - enthuse your neighbours to create Hedgehog Highways. More information can be found here

4) Help us survey Ipswich for hedgehogs - borrow our footprint tunnels or trail   cameras for your garden!

5) Add your hedgehog records to our online map.