Suffolk Broads Living Landscape

Carlton Marshes by Steve AylwardCarlton Marshes by Steve Aylward














People are at the heart of this Living Landscape.  Over 80,000 people live within walking distance and thousands more visit the area every year.

Focussing on the Waveney valley in the Suffolk Broads, our aim is to create a rich landscape of wetland habitat from Lowestoft to Beccles. Lying within the Broads National Park, the area is home to a host of unique Broadland species.

Reconnecting, expanding and buffering wildlife-rich sites, including two internationally designated wetlands, will make them less vulnerable to water level changes and benefit species associated with the dykes and wet marshes.

Achieving our 30 year vision involves restoring damaged or neglected habitat and recreating wetland lost to arable farming. Land acquisition will play an important role in this, supported by legacy gifts.

Our conservation advisors are working with local landowners to secure their support and promote more wildlife-friendly farming practices.