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Celebrating volunteers - Margot Wobey and Kyla Eastwell

Our volunteers are an essential part of our work, giving their time freely to make a difference for Suffolk's wildlife.

Margot Wobey

Margo and Kylia enjoy a well earned tea breakI became a volunteer in 2010 accepting the kind invitation to join a team to help refurbish the garden at Ashbocking. I wanted to meet like minded people in Suffolk – I had just moved to Hacheston from Dorset – who also enjoyed outdoor activities.

My introduction to this project was very encouraging. I was delighted to meet so many friendly people who were knowledgeable but also open to new ideas and suggestions, allowing me flexibility and freedom.

Being part of a small team and exchanging ideas is great. Since my career has been in design and architecture I feel I am able to contribute a design element to the garden project. The Trust also provides exciting opportunities – I’m learning lots about biodiversity, nature conservation and habitat management. The experience really enhances my awareness of nature and provides a spiritual calm in a world of turmoil.

Margot's other interests involve charity work for The Lions, local village events, artwork and travel.

Kyla Eastwell

I'm from London and first moved to Ipswich in 1991. Previously I worked for ten years as a professional librarian at University College London in the University’s Rare Books and Manuscripts department. For the last 11 years I’ve been creating and tending my own organic and wildlife garden at home and decided to consolidate years of practice with solid theoretical knowledge. To this end I studied the Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture with Learning Curve which I obtained last year.

I’ve always loved animals, wildlife and nature and am very fond of Suffolk. So, after giving up my hectic Ipswich to London commute, I saw that SWT was looking for gardeners at their head office in Ashbocking and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to offer my knowledge and skills doing something I enjoyed for an organisation whose aims and objectives I applaud.

From the start, staff made me very welcome and the fact that I am given a relatively free creative and practical rein in the garden contributes greatly to the enjoyment of the work. It has been rewarding to see the garden develop and get positive feedback from people. As well as volunteering for SWT I have a part time job at the RSPCA and my leisure interests include gardening, yoga, keep fit, current affairs, films and classical music – I am currently learning the piano!