Volunteering opportunities



Celebrating volunteers - Keith Reddington

Our volunteers are an essential part of our work, giving their time freely to make a difference for Suffolk's wildlife.

Keith has been volunteering with the Trust’s Ipswich midweek team for an amazing 22yrs. His first job with the Trust was to help lay new flooring at Foxburrow Farm when the building was being refurbished with a view to using it as a centre for the Trust’s Sandlings Project and education centre.

“I go out three days a week and to begin with was also helping with the sheep flock at Foxburrow as well as repairing boardwalks and erecting fencing. I like the countryside we work in and being outside with wildlife. It also keeps my weight down! Fencing is my favourite job but I think I’m best at raking. I enjoy working with all the other people on the team. I’m going to keep volunteering and I’m aiming for 25years!”