Wild orchids

Orchid season is upon us. This guide will help you identify orchid species and find out where to spot them.


Early purple orchid

When: Usually flowers in May-June

Where: Bonny Wood, Bradfield Woods, Bulls Wood, Combs Wood, Groton Wood, Martins' Meadow, Reydon WoodWinks Meadow

Green winged orchid

When: Usually flowers in May

Where: Gunton MeadowMartins' Meadow, Mellis Common, Winks Meadow

Common spotted orchid

When: Usually flowers mid June

Where: Bradfield Woods, Carlton & Oulton MarshesCombs Wood, Darsham MarshesMarket Weston FenMickfield Meadow, North CoveReydon Wood, Sizewell BeltsThelnetham FenWinks Meadow

Early marsh orchid

When: Usually flowers in June

Where: Market Weston Fen, Norah Hanbury-Kelk MeadowsThelnetham Fen

Pyramidal orchid

When: Usually flowers late June to July

Where: Martins' Meadow, Winks Meadow

Marsh helleborine

When: Usually flowers in July

Where: Market Weston Fen, Thelnetham Fen

Southern marsh orchid

When: Usually flowers in June

Where: Bromeswell Green, Carlton Marshes, Church Farm, Darsham Marshes, Framlingham Mere, Hutchison's Meadow, Lackford Lakes, Newbourne Springs, North CoveSizewell Belts


When: May

Where: Bonny Wood, Bradfield Wood, Combs Wood, Reydon Wood


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