Choose to join Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Blue tit by Darin SmithBlue tit by Darin Smith

… because we make Suffolk a better place to live

Our 50 nature reserves are some of Suffolk’s most inspiring wild places—tranquil havens and dramatic landscapes where you can enjoy time amongst nature with your family and friends

… because we make a difference for local wildlife

With our focus on Suffolk, we can act quickly and target conservation efforts where they are most needed—like helping water vole, otter and barn owl return to our countryside. In the last decade we have spent almost £4.5 million buying land for wildlife in Suffolk, including stunning new reserves like Snape Marshes and Knettishall Heath.

… because we need you

If local wildlife and Suffolk’s countryside are important to you, please help us do even more by becoming a member. Members’ donations directly fund our work and give the financial stability we need to plan ahead and secure new opportunities for wildlife—year after year

… because you want to

Membership of Suffolk Wildlife Trust is not a ticket to the countryside. All our nature reserves are free to enjoy whenever you choose. Instead we ask you to help us care for them by joining Suffolk Wildlife Trust. It’s your choice— join because you want to!

What next?

Membership packWhen you join we will send you a Welcome Pack to thank you for your support.

Then in January, May and September you will receive our members’ magazine and What’s on listing, with the latest news and information from around the Trust.

Our localness means most of our magazines are hand-delivered by volunteers. With no postage costs to pay, your membership supports even more wildlife conservation in Suffolk.

Membership rates

You can choose to make an annual payment or pay monthly, whichever you prefer.

Most new members opt for a monthly subscription, pledging £4/month or more.

If you pay annually we ask for a minimum subscription of £34/pa for adult membership or £42/pa for families. Family membership includes all adults and children in a household; this can also include grandchildren too.

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