News from Carlton Marshes

Stepping out

Generations of children will take their first steps into nature at Carlton Marshes.

A bigger landscape for wildlife 

Our Carlton Marshes team have been helping nature reclaim a glorious 380 acres of marsh, reed and pools, linked by sparkling broadland waterways. In total, 1,000 acres will become a safe home to Suffolk’s wildlife. 

This new addition to the reserve will include 8 miles of paths, offering easy access to wildlife for everyone. You’ll be able to look out for marsh harriers and bearded tits, as well as dragonflies and damselflies in the summer months. If you’re lucky, you may hear the distinctive ‘plop’ of a water vole as it enters the water or catch sight of an otter as it searches for fish.

Make a step for nature... 

Our goal is to raise £75,000 to create a fabulous network of paths, viewpoints and improved visitor facilities to enable everyone to get close to nature. Please will you help us take a step for nature?

Examples of what your donation could do:

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

£18 = ½ metre of wheelchair accessible, all weather path

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

£36 = 1 metre of path or an oak plank for the boardwalk      

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

£108 = 3 metres of wheelchair accessible, all weather path

Thanks to the Lottery grant, your gift will go twice as far: Every £1 you give will be matched by £1 of Lottery funding.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Please help us raise £75,000 towards paths and viewpoints at Carlton

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