We are Suffolk's local nature charity. The support of our members underpins everything we do.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is Suffolk’s local nature charity – the only organisation dedicated wholly to safeguarding Suffolk’s wildlife and countryside.
We make a difference for Suffolk by:
  • Managing nature reserves and securing a bigger, better and more connected landscape for wildlife
  • Inspiring the next generation of conservationists through our education centres and work with community groups

Action for local wildlife, led by local people is Suffolk Wildlife Trust's great strength and our vision for a Living Landscape reflects this:

Living Landscapes...

Creating a bigger, better and more connected landscape for wildlife

Our nature reserves are oases of biodiversity - yet we would really prefer they weren't! Much better that they were just one piece of a wildlife rich landscape

Living Gardens...

A celebration of gardens that are alive with wildlife - and the delight they bring

Species like hedgehog, stag beetles, frog, common lizard and slow worm can all thrive in urban gardens if we provide the right conditions

Living Seas...

For Suffolk to prosper, economic growth and environmental responsibility must go hand-in-hand

Our campaign for Suffolk's coast to get the protection it deserves reflects this 

General Election 2015
Our focus for the General Election are the Nature & Wellbeing Act and Marine Conservation Zone campaign. Find out more and add your voice.


The Lobbying Act
Suffolk Wildlife Trust, as part of The Wildlife Trusts, does not intend to register with the Electoral Commission. We will be focusing our efforts on influencing the policies that will be adopted and promoted by the political parties and individual candidates, rather than on influencing the way in which the public votes at the election. Read more about what this means.


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