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  • The more members we have, the more we can do for Suffolk’s wildlife and countryside

Why did you choose to support Suffolk Wildlife Trust?

Here are a few of the things our members said:

"The Suffolk countryside is everything that I love about this county. I trust Suffolk Wildlife Trust to be its loving guardian wherever possible."

"Because its a local charity and you can see where the money goes, and appreciate the hard work that goes into it."

"I like the fact that it's a county-based organisation, that it puts so much energy into volunteering and education and that it tries to persuade other landowners to conserve wild places."

"I love nature and I don't think you can do much better than looking after your local patch."

"Because I live in Suffolk and am exceedingly proud of my county."

"Because the Trust gives pleasure for the present and hope for the future."

"There are lots of great reserves, and it seems right to support the Trust's work financially."

"I think the Trust does such good work and I love to support something local."

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Membership rates

You can choose to make an annual payment or pay monthly, whichever you prefer.

Most new members opt for a monthly subscription, pledging £4/month or more.

If you pay annually we ask for a minimum subscription of £34/pa for adult membership or £42/pa for families. 

If you are purchasing a special gift of membership, we will do our best to ensure that the membership pack is received in time if you let us know when it should be received by. Remember you can also include a message if you wish, and the membership pack can be sent directly to the lucky recipient, or to you so that you can give the gift in person.

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We care about the environment

As you would expect from Suffolk Wildlife Trust both your magazine and its wrapper are chosen with care. The degradable polythene bag, produced by the Biodegradable Bag Company Ltd, uses less energy in production than either paper envelopes or conventional polythene and will rot down to just water, lovely humus and CO2 (it doesn’t emit methane when oxidising or leave any nasty micro-plastics hanging around). But not to rest on our laurels, advances in technology mean that new products continue to be developed, and we consistently research and review alternatives to ensure we are making the best choices.

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