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Bradfield Woods
Felsham Road
Bradfield St George
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 0AQ 

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Size: 178 acres
Status: National Nature Reserve

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Steeped in history ands brimming with wildlife, Bradfield Woods is one of Britain's finest ancient woodlands.

The ancient ash stools created by coppicing are the oldest living things in Suffolk

In spring the woodland floor comes to life with yellow oxlips, white wood anemones and early purple orchids. On sunny summer days, butterflies crowd the sunlit edges of the woodland paths and in the branches, hidden from view, dormice sip nectar from honeysuckle blooms.

As the days shorten and winter coppicing work begins, bright red fly agaric, ink cap and other fungi push through the fallen autumn leaves. This annual harvesting cycle began centuries ago and has created the patchwork of linked habitats, each with its own mix of species, which makes Bradfield Woods so special.

For Suffolk Wildlife Trust, continuing this tradition of coppicing is the best way to keep it that way.

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