Badger Hide

Badger - Adrian Hinchliffe


Spend an evening badger watching in our badger hide - a unique opportunity to observe these secretive animals in their natural environment!

It was a fascinating evening - a Suffolk safari! We saw eight badgers, including two youngsters

Visit the ‘Margaret Grimwade Badger hide’ for an intimate evening with these sociable mammals close up. The badger hide was established to provide people with a unique opportunity to observe these secretive animals in their natural environment. On any one watch you may be lucky enough to see several badgers go about their nightly routine, from foraging for food, playing, grooming and climbing.

Comments from recent badger watcher Richard Haugh:

‘I had never seen wild badgers before, they were much bigger than I expected and their interaction with one another was captivating. I will definitely book another watch next year.’


The badger hide viewing season runs from April to September on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. It costs £10 per adult, and £5 for children aged 7 and above. For more information, or to book part or all of the hide, please ring 01473 890089.

Please note that it is not permitted to take photographs of the badgers or their hide; this is a watching experience only.

Badgers are wild creatures and although we have a high success rate for watch evenings we can’t 100% guarantee they will always turn up.

Alternatively you can purchase vouchers for the badger hide in our online shop, -these make fantastic, unusual gifts.