A new role for our nature reserves

Veteran oak at Captain's WoodVeteran oak at Captain's Wood

As the ecological anchor of a Living Landscape, our nature reserves are more important than ever, and the larger they are, the better for wildlife. Large sites and networks of habitat are better able to support viable populations of species and are less affected by impacts from surrounding land. They are able to respond more naturally and are better able to cope with changing environmental conditions.

Seizing opportunities to enlarge our nature reserves has long been a priority for the Trust but now we are thinking much bigger than ever before! Our vision for a Living Landscape will restore, recreate and reconnect 30,000 acres of habitat around our reserves and link them through a web of wildlife-rich countryside across Suffolk.

Transforming isolated nature reserves into joined-up Living Landscapes is an opportunity for land purchases to do more wildlife than ever before.

Where habitat is too fragmented to link up, we are concentrating on creating buffer zones around isolated sites to reduce the impact of adjacent land uses. Bolstering these reserves will safeguard islands of habitat and create valuable stepping stones across the landscape.

Buying and managing land has a key role in achieving our vision. So too does inspiring others and we are drawing together local partnerships to champion our goal of swathes of wildlife-rich countryside.