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Hog watching

Live hedgehog and other wildlife footage from Wildlife Gadgetman's garden. 

Hedgehogs need our help

Please tell us about the hedgehogs you see, used to see, or indeed if you do not see hedgehogs at all where you live.




Sightings in 2015

Hedgehog numbers have dropped alarmingly in the last ten years and we fear up to a third of the UK's hedgehogs have been lost. They seem to be disappearing from urban, surburban and rural areas, suggesting there are multiple factors involved, rather than a single cause. 

In Suffolk we believe hedgehogs are just managing to hold on in our towns, but the future of our countryside hedgehogs looks more bleak. This is why Suffolk Wildlife Trust is leading a countywide call to action, to stand up for hedgehogs, before it's too late.

To enable us to target on-the-ground conservation action where it will have the greatest impact, we need to know exactly where Suffolk's remaining hedgehogs are.

You can help by telling us about the hedgehogs where you live - by logging them on the survey.

The survey will collect data in different ways. Please tell us if you:

  • Have spotted a hedgehog this year
  • See a dead hedgehog
  • Have seen a hedgehog in the past two years
  • Have found no evidence of hedgehogs where you live







Our hedgehog survey forms part of the Heritage Lottery Funded initiative to support action for wildlife across Suffolk.