"Hedgehogs are extraordinary little creatures. Remaining relatively unchanged for the past 15 million years they are one of the oldest mammals on earth.

It seems modern life is not suiting them well. If we still want to delight in seeing their spiny silhouettes trundling along our roads and through our gardens in the dead of night, we must act now."    

Stephen Fry

Action for Suffolk's hedgehogs

With your help we can bring back hedgehogs to our towns and countryside

For such a small animal, hedgehogs range over a surprisingly large area and in a single night a male hedgehog can travel 2-3 kilometres. The hedgehog that visits your garden will therefore be roaming far and wide - and to do this they need interconnected patches of feeding, nesting and hibernating habitat.

Our modern landscape fragmented by houses, roads, walls, fences and farming, is an increasingly difficult place for hedgehogs to navigate safely. Reversing the decline of hedgehogs will be a challenge, but creating a network of Living Gardens linked in to a rich Living Landscape is a good place to start.

There are a few simple steps we can all take to help our hedgehogs recover: 

  • Manage your garden for wildlife by creating wild areas (log piles, keeping leaves on the ground, wildflowers) and limiting your chemical use. More advice can be found here.
  • Create fence holes or gaps under gates (13x13cm) to ensure hedgehogs can access your garden. We are tracking how connected Ipswich gardens are becoming as part of our new project "Making Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK". If you have a hedgehog fence hole in Ipswich, please send a photo to hedgehogs@suffolkwildlifetrust.org to find out how you can get a set of Hedgehog Highway plaques!
  • Take part in our Hedgehog survey - tell us if you see hedgehogs by marking them on our online map. We need to know if you've seen a live or dead hedgehog, or if you have not seen a hedgehog where you live for at least two years. Please tell your friends, family and neighbours about the survey too.
  • Become a Hedgehog Champion - enthuse your neighbours to connect their gardens to create a network of Hedgehog Highways across your town. If you are based in Ipswich you can sign up to become a Hedgehog Champion here. If you are based elsewhere in Suffolk, send an email to hedgehogs@suffolkwildlifetrust.org to find out how you can help! 
  • Join Suffolk Wildlife Trust - We can only make this long term commitment to hedgehogs because of the support and enthusiasm of our members. If you are not already a member of Suffolk Wildlife Trust, please consider joining to help us give hedgehogs a fighting chance in Suffolk. Join today.



Have you found a hedgehog that may need help? For general advice please click here.

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