Farmland Wildlife Advice

Farmland Wildlife Advice

Help nature thrive on your farm 

Our mission is to make Suffolk the nature-friendly county. Farmland is a vitally important habitat for many species and there are huge opportunities in Suffolk to help improve our farms to enable nature to thrive. 

Suffolk Wildlife Trust has been working with farmers and landowners for many years, offering advice and expertise to help increase biodiversity and improve habitats for Suffolk’s wildlife.  

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Farmland wildlife advice leaflet

If you’d like to find out how we can help your farm, please contact Sam Hanks, Farmland Wildlife Adviser:

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We are looking for Farmland Wildlife Volunteers to help with survey work on farmland near you:

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About Sam

Sam studied Environmental Science at the Open University alongside working as a conservation contractor. During his studies and work, Sam gained valuable experience in managing habitats and creating wildlife-rich spaces. A Suffolk Wildlife Trust Reserve Warden for seven years, Sam has detailed ecological knowledge and understands the practicalities of managing productive farms for nature. 

sam hanks farmland advisor suffolk wildlife trust

Sam Hanks - Farmland Wildlife Advisor

Our Farmland Wildlife Advice includes: 

  • Management and restoration of existing habitats 
  • Creating new habitats within your farm 
  • Guidance and advice on applications to environmental land management schemes 
  • Support for farming groups 
  • Guidance and advice on environmentally-sound farming practices 

Farms receiving our advice will have the opportunity to have their measures assessed through surveys and reporting. Wildlife that can be supported include a wide range of farmland birds, pollinating insects, watervole, nightingale, dormouse, amphibians, hedgehogs and stag beetle.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust - Farm wildlife, monitoring and surveying

For a personal insight into Sam’s work, follow him on twitter: