Suffolk Mammal Group

Otter - Adrian Hinchliffe



The Suffolk Mammal Group is a specialist group within Suffolk Wildlife Trust, the group developed from the Suffolk Badger Group which was established by Margaret Grimwade in the early 1980s. The Suffolk Mammal Group is also affiliated to The Mammal Society.


The Suffolk Mammal Group aims to "Promote the study and conservation of wild mammals in Suffolk".


In order to achieve this aim it will:

  • work to raise the awareness of wild mammals in Suffolk

  • survey and monitor mammal distribution and abundence, and identify changes

  • organise training in field identification and survey methods

  • provide local knowledge and advice to help mammals in Suffolk

  • work in partnership with other relevant groups, such as the Suffolk Bat Group and the Essex and Suffolk Dormouse Group

  • provide a forum for those interested in mammals in Suffolk


Specialist sections

There are currently three specialist sections operating within the Suffolk Mammal Group. For more infomation please contact the section co-ordinator.



Badgers. Contact Adrian Hinchliffe:




Otters. Contact Richard Woolnough:



Mammal Ink Trap - Julie March


Small mammals. Contact Simone Bullion:




Spend an evening badger watching in our badger hide - click here for more information


Training - the Group run a number of training events throughout the year. Please click here for more information


Support the Group

If you would like to join the Suffolk Mammal Group please click here or contact:


Supporters of the Group are asked to make a minimum donation of £5 per year.


The Suffolk Mammal Group is coordinated by a Working Group that is elected each year at the Annual Meeting to which all supporters of the Suffolk Mammal Group are invited. The Working Group for 2014/15 is:

Martin Hancock (Chair)
Dennis Kell (Treasurer)
Julie Durrant (Secretary)
Simone Bullion
Paul Cantwell
Adrian Hinchliffe (Badger Coordinator)
Alan Miller
Arthur Rivett
Duncan Sweeting
Richard Woolnough (Otter Coordinator)


Useful links

Suffolk Naturalist Society
Suffolk Biological Records Centre
Suffolk Bat Group
Mammal Society
Badger Trust









Recordings of mammal sightings can be input into iRecord which can be accessed through the Suffolk Biological Records Centre website. These records help build up a picture of mammal distribution throughout the county.