Pigs Gone Wild at Foxburrow Farm

Friday 8th January 2016

On Tuesday 12 January, Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Foxburrow Farm will play host to Tally-Ho, the Pigs Gone Wild project mascot.

Pigs Gone Wild sees St Elizabeth Hospice teamed with Wild in Art to stage Suffolk’s biggest ever mass-participation, public art event. It is an interactive sculpture trail that will feature more than 40 pigs across Ipswich and beyond. During the summer you will be able to follow the trail and try to see as many of the sculptures as possible.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust has been gifted a pig by a kind donor and in the coming weeks we are looking forward to choosing the design that will adorn him or her. We are of course hoping for a hedge-pig (otherwise known as a hedgehog).

The pigs, beautifully decorated by artists and generously sponsored by local businesses, will be on show for 10 weeks during the summer. They will be joined by a sounder of junior pig sculptures designed by local school children and teachers, which will appear in litters across the town.

Michael Strand, development manager at the Trust said: "we are looking forward to welcoming Tally Ho to Foxburrow Farm. Hopefully he'll behave himself and not upset our resident sheep!"

"The Pigs Gone Wild initiative is exciting for Ipswich and Suffolk Wildlife Trust is delighted to be involved. As a charity we work year round to inspire young people about the natural world and we often use the beautiful parks in Ipswich to do this. Pigs Gone Wild offers a great opportunity to highlight what we are doing in Ipswich in a really fun way."

After Tally Ho visits Foxburrow Farm, staff from the Trust will attend a Pigs Gone Wild 'matchmaking' event where the design for Suffolk Wildlife Trust's pig will be chosen. Watch this space to find out if it's a hedge-pig.



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