Project Wild Thing

The health and well-being of our children can be improved by encouraging them to spend more time outside enjoying nature.

That’s the important message of documentary film, Project Wild Thing, which was launched in 2013. The film highlights the growing disconnection between young people and nature in Britain and describes the massive benefits for children if they get the chance to play outside and have the freedom to explore, enjoy and discover the natural world for themselves. Quite simply, it does them good!

The Wildlife Trusts welcome this initiative. More information is available on Project Wild Thing's website.

Enjoying garden wildlife with children

By Nick Illot

For many of us the sound of bees buzzing among the flowers, the sight of tadpoles emerging from jelly-like frogspawn and the smell of freshly cut grass are our first impressions of nature

And more often than not, it’s our very own back gardens that these memories come from: little havens for wildlife dotted through the deserts of urban sprawl and intensively managed farmland.

Whether it is constructing your own garden bird hide, growing an oak tree, making a wormery or building a mini pond, our activity sheets will help you and your children make the most of your garden wildlife. Click here to get started.

Make sure you also see what events are on in the area and see when the Wildlife Watch group near you is meeting up.