The Green Oak Centre at Bradfield

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Wild garlic at Bradfield Woods

Wildlife and history of Bradfield Woods


The mixed woodland and scrub suports bird species including song thrush, spotted flycatcher, bullfinch, dunnock and willow warbler.

Butterflies and moths

More than 20 species of butterfly have been recorded, including green hairstreak, purple hairstreak, white admiral and purple emperor.

More than 300 species of moth have been recorded.

Purple emperor report 2014

Dragonflies and damselflies

Emerald damselfly, azure and common blue damselflies, southern hawker and common darter have been recorded.


The wood is great for fungi especially in Autumn.

Fungi species list


Bradfield Woods is among the richest woods for flora in Britain, with over 370 species of vascular plant have been recorded in the wood. Notable species include greater butterfly orchid, bird's nest orchid, herb paris and oxlip.

Bradfield Woods plant list


The ancient coppice in Bradfield Woods supports a successful population of dormice which are increasing their range.

Captive bred dormice released into Bradfield Woods

Dormice update for Bradfield Woods 2014

2015 dormice update for Bradfield Woods

The wood also contains an active badger sett. Muntjac, roe and fallow deer are also present.

Reptiles and amphibians

Great crested newts and smooth newt are present in the ponds at Bradfield Woods. Grass snakes are common in the wood using young coppice and ride edges as nesting sites.


Whilst in many woods coppicing had declined by the 1900's, the demand for poles from the nearby rake factory meant Bradfield Woods was actively coppiced right through to the 1950's. This annual coppicing cycle maintained the biological richness of the woods, benefitting spring flowers, fungi and dormice. These ancient ash coppice stools remain as the oldest living things in Suffolk.

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