Small heath by Margaret Holland

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Purple emporer

Found at Bradfield Woods and Bonny Wood

A large butterfly, well-known for spending much of its time in the treetops feeding on aphid honeydew, so take a pair of binoculars. Males may be seen flying to the ground mid-morning to feed on salts and sugars in damp puddles, on animal droppings or road surfaces, or even on rotting carcases.

Silver washed fritillary

Found at Bradfield Woods, Bonny Wood, Combs Wood and Arger Fen.

These large butterlfies live in large broad-leaved woodlands (especially oak woodlands), and feed on flowers such as bramble in sunny glades and rides. The caterpillars feed on violets, particularly common dog-violet.

White admiral

Found at Knettishall Heath and North Cove.

The white admiral is a medium-sized butterfly found in shady woodlands, clearings and rides in late summer. Adults are often found on the flowers of bramble and lay their eggs on honeysuckle leaves, which the caterpillars feed on. 

If you do spot one of these rarities, Butterfly Conservation Suffolk would love to hear from you - report your sightings here.

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Watch a small tortoiseshell caterpillar pupating: