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Martins' Meadows

These three meadows are among the few flower-rich hay meadows still left in Suffolk.

As they have never been fertilised, sprayed or drained, the site supports a wide range of wildflowers. To maintain the meadows’ diversity management is by a summer hay cut followed by aftermath grazing.


In spring and early summer, visitors can enjoy superb displays of wildflowers, including early-purple, green-winged and pyramidal orchids. In late summer the meadows bloom once more, this time with meadow saffron.

Most of the hedges enclosing the site are at least 100 years old and contain many different species of trees and shrubs including field maple, hazel, hawthorn and spindle. They are maintained by rotational coppicing or laying, in which sections are periodically cut to the ground, encouraging them to re-grow and thicken to produce a dense hedge that is good for wildlife.


The reserve also has two orchards which include many local varieties of apple, along with pear, plum, quince, medlar and walnut.

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Species and habitats

Meadow, Orchard
Early Purple Orchid, Green-winged Orchid, Meadow Saffron

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Reserve information

Rookery Road, Monewden
IP13 7DF
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GPS Info
Look out for signed entrance on east side of road linking Clopton and Monewden and please ensure gateway remains free for farm machinery access at all times

Great for...
spring flowers
Best time to visit
Mar - Jul
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Opening Times
Open at all times. Best to visit before hay cut in July.
4.00 hectares

Walking information
Access is through a five bar gate, it’s a short walk around the meadows but this can be wet and uneven. To avoid damage to the flora and hay crop, please keep to the edge of the meadow. Ground conditions can be very wet
On the entrance track, but please ensure gateway remains free. Please note ground conditions can be soft during wet periods
Dogs must be on lead
Grazing animals
Sheep graze after hay cut
Reserve manager
Susan Stone
Tel: 01473 890089