What to look out for in September...

Fruits, nuts and berries

Squirrels, foxes, badgers and mice feed on the abundant fruits and nuts which appear in September. If you are not lucky enough to spot them, you may see the purple droppings they leave behind!

You can also enjoy a foraging trip - make sure you know which ones are edible. You can collect blackberries, elderberries, chestnuts, hazelnuts and sloes this time of year. 

For fruit, nut and gall spotter sheets and great nature reserves to see them click here.

Heather in flower

Visit a heathland reserve and soak up the purple. 

The nectar from heather flowers provides an important food for bees at this time of year. 

Good nature reserves to visit for heather are Knettishall Heath, Sutton & Hollesley Commons and Blaxhall Common.





Take an autumn walk in the countryside and you are almost certain to spot some spectacular fungi.

Often brightly coloured, these life forms are neither plant nor animal, and come in a fantastic array of different shapes.

Their names are just as varied and strange, for instance jelly ear fungus, Dryad's saddle, beef steak, stinkhorn and fly agaric amongst them!

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