Tracking down Suffolk's dormice

Dormouse by Brett LewisDormouse by Brett Lewis

During the last ten years Suffolk Wildlife Trust has led efforts to locate the remaining dormouse populations in Suffolk through extensive field surveys.

Through our work so far, it has become clear that the remaining dormice appear to be located within five discrete clusters, all located towards the south of the county; one within Assington, another around Polstead and the third associated with Bentley and surrounding parishes, plus populations in Bradfield Woods and the Barking Woods. 

Hazel dormice live at low density and with such fragmented populations, we have concerns about their long term viability. This project seeks to locate any hitherto unknown dormouse populations so we can focus conservation efforts on improving and linking habitat in these areas, particularly through targeted hedge planting. In the last two years, the exciting discovery of three new dormouse sites near Ipswich has highlighted the potential for unknown populations to still be discovered.