Top UK Wildlife Experiences

Friday 12th February 2016

On Saturday 13 February The Wildlife Trusts will launch a guide to Top UK Wildlife Experiences. The guide will feature some of Suffolk's best wildlife experiences such as kingfishers at Lackford Lakes and how to get up-close with badgers.

As winter wanes and spring starts to unfold, the exciting new seasonal guide will offer a perfect opportunity to plan a ‘wild’ year ahead, not just in Suffolk, but throughout the UK.

For those who have ever wondered when and where to glory in the beauty of the rare swallowtail butterfly or to cheer at a salmon’s leap; for those who pine to see a puffin but don’t know where to head and when; or for those who want to spot an otter, osprey or orchid but don’t know how, The Wildlife Trusts’ seasonal guide to Top UK Wildlife Experiences will offer answers to these and so much more.

Outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife-watchers will be able to vote for their favourite wildlife experience online – the results will be published in 2017.

Our Top UK Wildlife Experiences online guide will go live at the start of spring, on Saturday 13 February 2016 – the perfect moment to make plans and venture outdoors to see what’s sky-dancing, swooping or singing during half-term and beyond. It homes in on the charismatic, the mysterious and the shimmering gorgeous – from gannets to glow worms, newts to nightingales, and bluebells to butterflies – and shows you how to get closer to the wild.

Make a date to return to our website on Saturday 13th February and start your journey to wonderful encounters with the wild!

The Wildlife Trusts are uniquely placed to advise on the where and the when to watch wildlife – as collectively we care for more than 2,300 wild havens across the UK and host over 11,000 events every year bringing people closer to nature.

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