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Recording Swift Sightings

Swifts are summer visitors to the UK and spend the remainder of the year migrating to and from central and southern Africa. Apart from the few weeks they spend with us at the nest sites, the rest of their life is spent on the wing!

One of the first things to do to help swifts is to record where they are present now. SOS Swifts has the ambitious target to find out by 2020 whether or not there are Swifts present in every rural parish and urban ward in Suffolk! Please use the Suffolk Swift Survey website to record any sightings of ‘screaming parties’, known nest sites in buildings or swift nest boxes that have been erected -­‐ both in your home area and also when you are out and about in the county.

Please note that there is no need to record Swifts that you see just flying overhead, as they could be breeding some distance away. Screaming parties and actual nest sites tell us that there is definitely a breeding colony nearby. Click on this link to add your records:

As well as ‘semi-­‐natural’ nest sites i.e. those found in buildings, the Survey also now includes options to record the presence of external and internal nest boxes and whether they are being successful in attracting new Swifts. This will help us work out whether these conservation measures are having a measureable effect.