Coppicing products

All these coppice products are a sustainable result of managing Bradfield Woods for wildlife. Please contact Bradfield Woods or phone 01449 737996 to check availability or to place an order.


Please note, all our products apart from firewood are sold as collect from the wood only, we do not deliver or post.

Orders for Firewood Deliveries are taken from May 1st onwards. Other products can be ordered year-round subject to availability.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Loads of Firewood £330 Full Load (2.25 ton) £165 Half Load (1.12 ton).

Green, mixed species delivered within a 5-mile radius of Bradfield Woods. 


Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Bags of Firewood £7 per bag (Maximum order is 10 bags while stocks last)

Bags of seasoned mixed species logs, either 10-inch or 12-inch length.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Rustic hazel bean poles £11.75

Approximately 7ft long, 1” diameter, 10 per bundle.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Straight hazel rods for wattle & daub £18.75

Approximately 7ft long, 1.5" diameter, for wattle & daub, 10 per bundle.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Hedging Stakes £15.75

10 per bundle, 5ft 6inch long, 1.5-2inch diameter.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Hedging Binders £26.75

Hazel rods 9ft plus long (for weaving along the top of stakes) 20 per bundle.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Soil Improver £2.50 per bag

Large bags of well-rotted sawdust.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Rustic Ash Poles from 25 pence per foot.

2-4" diameter, lengths as required.

Silver birch tops (limited supply) available, for besom brooms or horse jumps. Enquire for price.

Other lengths and diameters of products can be available, please enquire.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. If you require any coppice products please contact Bradfield Woods or phone 01449 737996.