The 12 days of (a wildlife) Christmas – 7 jellies a-swimming

For day 7 of our 12 days of (a wildlife) Christmas we’ve swapped 7 swans a-swimming for 7 moon jellies a -swimming.

Ipswich waterfront may not be the place you would first think of heading in search of wildlife, but if you start to take a closer look, you’ll see it’s actually bursting with life just beneath the waters surface!

After walking through the hustle and bustle of cafes and restaurants, you’ll come to a section of wall where you can get quite close to the waters edge. Here, if the sun is shining and the water isn’t too murky you can carefully peer over to watch prawns darting among the algae and barnacle encrusted waterfront supports, and beautiful moon jelly fish dancing around the water column!

Earlier in the year we also managed to spot sea gooseberries; these are not true-jellyfish but are comb-jellies and are found in the group Ctenophores. They refract sunlight to create beautiful iridescent rainbows running up and down their bodies, and is a beautiful sight to behold! Watch out for crabs scuttling around in the shallower waters too.

You can spot moon jellyfish all year round so why not head down to the waters edge to see if you can spot 7 moon jellies a -swimming this December!


Jelly fish

Moon jellies at Ipswich waterfront by Ali North