The 12 days of (a wildlife) Christmas – 9 foxes romancing

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Vixen in the Snow during winter  - Danny Green/2020VISION

For day 9 of our 12 days of (a wildlife) Christmas we’ve swapped 9 ladies dancing for 9 foxes romancing – did you know that winter is the breeding season for foxes?

The peak of the fox breeding season is in January, but December will be spent by the dominant pair of a social group defending territories and fending off any intruders. As winter deepens, listen out at night and you might hear some blood-curdling screams and barks; these are males trying to attract females and warning males off. Dominant males will search further afield for extra mating opportunities – foxes are not monogamous!

Do you see foxes in your local patch? Earlier this year we were lucky enough to spot foxes on multiple night safaris in Christchurch, Maidenhall Allotments and Bourne Park. At Bourne Park we were treated to a grand total of 7 fox sightings – these foxes were not romancing, but were lovely to watch on our night vision monocular none the less!


Ali North