Have a happy hedgehog new year!

After the indulgence of the festive period I’m sure many of us will be beginning 2017 with a number of new years resolutions in mind. Whilst the more conventional pledges may be eating healthier, less or exercising more, why not have a more unusual resolution and make 2017 the year to start helping your local hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs roam much further than many people realise  – around 2-3km in a night. This means that even if you have never seen a hedgehog in your garden, they are unlikely to be found too far away in towns like Ipswich. Working together with neighbours to create Hedgehog Highways and hedgehog habitat could have a real positive impact and result in the reward of a visiting hedgehog!

We would love to get as many people as possible signing up to become Ipswich Hedgehog Champions in 2017 – can you help? Champions will help make their street into a wildlife friendly Hedgehog Highway, with each garden connected by a 13x13cm hole and ‘hog habitat such as log piles, nectar-rich flower patches and accessible compost heaps.

Our Ipswich Hedgehog Champion packs are now ready – full of resources that will help you spread the word about the importance of wildlife friendly gardens. If you’d like to help but don’t want to become a Champion, help us map garden connectivity across Ipswich – send us a photo of your fence hole and we can send you a set of lovely Hedgehog Highway plaques! Sign up here or email fence photos here.