Hedgehog detecting - footprints in Ipswich allotment

We now have lots of footprint tunnels that can be borrowed by Ipswich residents or groups. Hedgehog Champion Simon was the first to give this a go, and with great success!

After a couple of days use in his garden, hedgehogs were confirmed – he had a number of hedgehog footprints and what looked like a cat that had also had a go at squeezing through. Simon then borrowed a couple more of the tunnels to head to his allotment with. After a couple of days of pre-baiting, they were ready to be checked on Castle Hill allotment open day. Two out of three had hedgehog footprints – brilliant news! Simon has also delivered our leaflets to the houses surrounding the allotment – hopefully the known presence of hedgehogs will be an added incentive for residents to make more hedgehog highways – critical for the ongoing viability of these urban populations!

Allotment prints