It's Hedgehog Awareness Week - Day 2

It's Hedgehog Awareness Week - a whole week dedicated to raising awareness about the threats hedgehogs face and the actions we can all take to help! 7 days, 7 top tips!

Day 2 - Create a wild pile of leaves, veg cuttings or logs

Hedgehogs are omnivores and opportunists but generally the bulk of their diet is made up of macro-invertebrates like beetles, caterpillars, slugs and worms.  Habitat features required by these invertebrates (like wild piles of logs, leaves and garden trimmings) are perfect feeding areas, and many provide important nesting habitat too. Leaving dead wood to rot in situ will create great habitat for beetles and millipedes, and if stacked with good gaps, can create a brilliant support structure for breeding and winter nest building too.

Next time you're tidying up the garden, why not keep a pile of vegetation trimmings and leaves to help provide dinner and nesting material for a hog? More tips for hedgehog friendly gardening can be found here and remember to log your wild areas on our online map, here.