Reflecting on a year of hedgehog action!

As we enter a new year I thought I'd reflect on our hedgehog action in 2018 - together we’ve achieved great things for our local hedgehog populations, and I hope you will join me in aiming for even more hedgehog action for 2019!

The year began with the release of a national report by People's Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society, The State of Hedgehogs 2018, showing positive and negative news. Rural hedgehog populations have declined by 50% since the turn of the century, but the decline for urban populations appear to be slowing. This slowing trend for our urban hedgehogs is certainly a step in the right direction and that is likely due to the brilliant actions of communities and hedgehog champions like those of you here in Suffolk!

Hedgehogs in 2018

It has been brilliant seeing all of the actions taken by people across the county to help our hedgehogs, but there's always more that can be done! As we enter 2019 why not consider one of my top 3 tips to help hedgehogs in your local neighbourhood!

(1) You could try writing a letter to your neighbours to gain their support; perhaps explain that you know hedgehogs are using gardens in your street (include photos if you have any!) and offer some hedgehog-friendly gardening tips. Remember to encourage everyone to log their hedgehog-friendly garden features on our online map.

(2) You may have neighbours keen to help hedgehogs but without the tools or confidence to do so. You could offer to pop round to give advice or help make a hedgehog-sized hole in their fence. For Ipswich residents you could gain the support of a group of neighbours to organize a drilling day with our tools (we also have postcards to help invite neighbours to take part).

(3) Organise a street event like a hedgehog survey (tips here for making footprint tunnels) or a hedgehog litter pick! We’re running a hedgehog litter pick next month, inspired by the Clean Cornwall Band Together for Hedgehogs campaign. Book your free space and come along for a 2km wander down the river path, ending at La Tour Cycle Café for tea and cake!

If you're interested in becoming a Hedgehog Champion for your local patch, why not come along to our evening workshop at our head quarters on Wednesday 6th February. More information here.