Steve Backshall and the hog pod!

Last weekend our Hedgehog Officer was lucky enough to meet wildlife presenter and adventurer Steve Backshall.

He is currently whizzing around the UK on his Wild World Tour – he gave a brilliant talk accompanied by fab video footage and field anecdotes. He encounters weird and wonderful creatures on his travels, many of which are facing threats caused by human activity.

He did a great job of  really urging the younger generation in the audience to get out and shout about the things they cared about – everyone has a voice and it can be used to help the planet!

I had the ‘hog pod in the foyer as a chance to promote our project and spread the word, and of course, I had to get a photo of Steve Backshall next to it! Hedgehogs may not be part of his Deadly 60 – but they are still pretty awesome!

Steve Backshall