Young leader hedgehog championing

I love hearing stories about the work of our hedgehog champions across Ipswich and today I wanted to showcase the work of one of our youngest champions, Rowan.

Rowan is a 15 and currently studying for his GCSEs. In amongst his revision he has been preparing for a hedgehog themed session with his scouts group, as a young leader.

He gave a talk about hedgehog ecology, the threats they face and the simple actions that can be taken in gardens and neighbourhoods, mixed in with some fab activities to get the group thinking about hedgehogs. The scouts were tested with a true/false quiz and an activity to get the blood pumping: exercise up and down the hall to guess how far they thought a hedgehog would travel in a night. I think lots of people are still surprised to hear a hedgehog can travel ~2km in just one night!

Rowan is now chatting with the scout assistant district commissioner about running further activities later in the year. Excellent work championing hedgehogs Rowan!

If you would like to champion hedgehogs for your Ipswich street, head to our website here, for more information and to sign up! If you aren’t based in Ipswich, but are keen to help, remember you can sign up to the national campaign Hedgehog Street. Head to their website here, for more information!

Hogs at scouts