Hedgehog Awareness Week, Day 1 - Log your Hogs!

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week! With the warmer months luring hedgehogs out of their winter hibernacula, May is an exciting time of year and the perfect time to act and give hedgehogs a helping hand. 7 days, 7 top hog tips. Day 1 – Log your hogs!

There are lots of different ways that you can take action for hedgehogs such as letting Suffolk Wildlife Trust know about your sightings! As you may know, our Ipswich Hedgehog project successfully collected data about hedgehog sightings in the town across a two year period allowing us to see what the local hedgehog populations were doing and now we are opening this to Suffolk and hoping to collect data across the county.  

At this time, when there are fewer vehicles out and about, we are experiencing many new delights such as the bird song sounding a litter louder, especially here in Ipswich, and we are also hoping to see fewer hedgehogs killed on the roads.

Hedgehog - John Hawkins Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Hedgehog - John Hawkins

It may be that you have spotted a hedgehog in your garden, identified one by hearing and seeing one snuffling outside your window or balcony or perhaps you’ve seen one on a late night dog walk as part of your allowed daily exercise.

If you have been lucky enough to spot one this year, then log your hog on our form which can be found here;