Hedgehog Awareness Week, Day 2 - Make a hedgehog hole

Photo by Ali North

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week! With the warmer months luring hedgehogs out of their winter hibernacula, May is an exciting time of year and the perfect time to act and give hedgehogs a helping hand. 7 days, 7 top hog tips. Day 2 – Make a hedgehog hole!

With Hedgehogs being able to roam an impressive 2km in urban areas and 3km in rural settings in an evening, hedgehogs can cover great distances but they can come up against several challenges on their travels, often being stopped in their tracks due to the physical barriers that we surround our homes and gardens with. 

It’s important for hedgehogs to access gardens in order to forage, find mates and make nests and a fantastic way to help hedgehogs to gain access to gardens is by creating hedgehog holes. These are simply points of access that can be created in different ways, such as creating a hole measuring at least 13cm2 by simply digging a hole under a fence, cutting a hole in or bending back wire fences, increasing the height on your fence or gardens gates or cutting holes with handsaws and drills on your garden boundaries.

Tom Marshall

WildNet - Tom Marshall

It can be really useful to highlight your hedgehog hole to avoid this space being accidentally blocked up in the future and it may of course encourage other to do the same, and not to mention, it can be great fun! 

We know that lots of people have already transformed their gardens to help hedgehogs and lots of you have sent us your photos, these are just some of our favourites. 

A lot of us are talking to our neighbours now more than ever and this could be the perfect time to speak to your neighbour, over the fence, or through a window, about creating a hedgehog hole in your own gardens. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if individual action in gardens as part of a whole street effort created a series of hedgehog holes, to create hedgehog highways!