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Tawny owl by Beverley Carpenter

SWT Trading Ltd Ecological Consultants provides a professional ecological service that specialises in ecology, conservation and biodiversity.

Established in 1995 all of our work is carried out to a high professional standard in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) code of practice, and we operate to very competitive fee scales. All profits are passed to Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Habitat Surveys

Ecological assessment
This is a preliminary and baseline survey which can include the Phase 1 Habitat survey but also assesses the site in terms of its potential to support protected or other notable species.
Phase 1 Habitat survey
This is a basic and standardised system for classifying habitats, including urban areas in the UK. We typically provide full species lists for this survey.
NVC (National Vegetation Survey)
A detailed survey methodology identifying all of Britain’s semi-natural plant communities. It is often used at sites of nature conservation significance.
Habitat creation/restoration
SWT Ecological Consultants have a wealth of experience in advising clients on opportunities for habitat creation linked to development, for example, wild flower meadows, wetlands and woodland.

Protected Species Surveys

Many species are protected by law at national and European level. The presence of such species can be a material consideration when planning authorities are determining applications for developments or capital works. SWT Ecological Consultants undertake surveys for the following:

  • badger
  • bats
  • birds
  • dormouse
  • great crested newt
  • reptiles
  • otter
  • water vole

When protected species are recorded, SWT Ecological Consultants will:

  • interpret species protection legislation and advise clients on legal compliance
  • recommend a suitable form of mitigation to ensure the ecological aspects of a development are fully addressed
  • make licence applications
  • undertake species and site monitoring post works

Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species
During all protected species surveys, SWT Ecological Consultants will also record BAP species and make recommendations for best management practice to restore and enhance habitats for these species.

Management Plans
In conjunction with our ecological surveys, we can prepare a management plan which will prescribe how to manage your site for the long-term benefit of wildlife and at the same time integrating recreational activities, industry and farming where appropriate.


Ecological mapping – SWT Ecological Consultants can undertake detailed ecological mapping using GIS. This is particularly useful for illustrating metapopulations and habitat mosaics as well as identifying ecological networks and stepping stone habitats.

Other types of species survey include:

  • breeding, passage and wintering bird surveys, CBC
  • small mammal trapping
  • invertebrate surveys – aquatic and terrestrial
  • surveys of specialists groups including bryophytes, lichens, molluscs
  • non-native species surveys


Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Simone Bullion

Dr Simone Bullion,
MCIEEM, Consultancy Manager

Simone has 13 years of experience as an ecological consultant in conjunction with her role as Senior Conservation Officer since 1999. Her specialist skills include protected species surveys, site assessment, ecological training and project management.

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Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Penny Hemphill

Penny Hemphill
MCIEEM, Consultant Ecologist

Penny has over 10 years of experience in professional ecological work as well as running the Water for Wildlife Project for Suffolk Wildlife Trust since 2001. Her specialist skills include protected species surveys, habitat and botanical surveys, including NVC assessment, management planning and habitat creation projects.

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