Forest Schools

We are the County’s leading forest schools provider with 10 forest schools Level 3 Leaders covering the whole of Suffolk. We can lead forest schools at your local woodland, on a nearby reserve or in your school grounds.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Forest Schools at Knettishall Heath by Matthew Roberts

Forest Schools uses the natural resources in the woodland and the children’s interests to stimulate imaginative, creative and investigative activities; Children can saw wood, whittle sticks, help to light fires, leap into puddles, climb trees and build shelters.

The child led and child centred activities help children to take risks safely, take care of themselves and others and take responsibility. It has structure but at the same time leaves lots of room for personalised learning opportunities – children allowed time and space to explore their own evolving learning interests e.g. studying a bug, searching for badgers, filming with a stick.

Forest Schools

A forest school programme over 6+ sessions is a unique experience, with children growing in confidence and gaining independence. Exploring nature at their own pace, children learn to investigate, take risks safely, solve problems and gain knowledge through first hand experience.

If you are interested in Forest Schools for your school please contact Sara Holman who can put you in touch with a member of our team.

Forest School activities for families

Many of our sites now offer family Forest School sessions: