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The activities were all perfectly pitched, brilliantly resourced and dovetailed in well with the work we are doing in school. The children were really engaged, learned a lot and very much enjoyed the sessions . Thank you very much!
School teacher, St Margrets CEVA Primary School
Our favourite part of being a Hedgehog Champion is when we hear hedgehog stories from people we have encouraged, the sheer delight and excitement on their faces and in their voices when they see their hogs. This encourages us to promote hogs more!
Ipswich Hedgehog Champion

Ipswich is wild!

Its parks, gardens, allotments and school grounds are alive with wildlife. With our Wild Learning Officer and Hedgehog Officer in Ipswich, there are a whole host of ways you can get involved to learn more about the amazing wildlife our town has to offer, and how you can help it thrive!

Our Wild Learning Officer provides the unique opportunity for young people to learn natural history skills in these amazing green spaces. From teen courses and young wardens to mentorships, youth groups and school activities, there are lots of ways young people can get inspired about the natural world in Ipswich.

Children aged 11-16 years have been learning to produce fantastic wildlife images on our Wild Skills Wildlife Photography sessions:

View the Wild Skills Photography Portfolios

Our Hedgehog Officer is working towards making Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK, but she needs your help! Whilst Ipswich has a brilliant patchwork of green spaces, whole streets of gardens are needed to create areas large enough to sustain hedgehog populations. The project is therefore bringing communities together to take action in their own streets, to create a network of connected feeding and nesting habitats across the town. You can find out more about our hedgehog work in Ipswich here, and how to get involved, here.

Check out our upcoming events and keep up to date with our blog below!

Events coming soon in Ipswich:

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