Increasing support for wildlife-friendly farming

Increasing support for wildlife-friendly farming

Wildlife friendly farming - Steve Aylward

There has never been a more important time to help nature. Sam Hanks, our Wilder Landscapes Manager, is recruiting for some exciting new job roles to extend our reach.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is making a significant investment in the farming community of Suffolk through the recruitment of a dedicated advisory team focussing on farmland.

Having worked for many years with many farmers in Suffolk on a wide range of projects, ranging from simple actions to whole farm transformations, we have recognised that the greatest uplift for nature will be in Suffolk’s farmland of the future. We are building on our existing work with farmers and farmer clusters in Suffolk. We fully recognise that collaboration with Suffolk’s landowning and tenanted farms is crucial to achieve a revival of wildlife in the county and we are uniquely placed to both resource this need and access the knowledge and specialisms that farmers will require as the agricultural transition progresses.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Sam Hanks, Wilder Landscapes Manager and Richard Symmes, Farmer - John Ferguson

Our Farmland Advisory team will support farmers to develop sustainable, nature-friendly farming businesses by providing a wide range of important advice and support, including traditional and new approaches to agri-environment, novel funding streams for specific projects and developing approaches to blended finance in the agricultural support system.

Field margin on Shimpling Park Farm

Field margin on Shimpling Park Farm

It is an exciting time to join our growing charity, especially as the world of farming is changing and there is now a unique opportunity to contribute to creating a Suffolk with abundant wildlife, sustainable agri-business, and climate-friendly land management practice as the norm for all.

The advisory team will consist initially of three dedicated staff members working to support wildlife on farms, with an aim to add a fourth role soon. Two roles are now being recruited and to see these exciting opportunities please click here.

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