Two government consultations offer opportunity to have your say on important environmental decisions

A public consultation on the designation of 41 new Marine Conservation Zones (including Suffolk's first) closes on 20 July, and there's still time to contact Defra with views on the establishment an environment watch dog and ambitious Environment Act

If designated, a site known as Orford Inshore (which actually lies off the coast of Orford), will become Suffolk's first Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). It would join a countrywide network of MCZs designed to protect vulnerable marine wildlife and habitats. The Government consultation closes on Friday 20 July and Suffolk Wildlife Trust is encouraging you to add a 'Wave of Support' here.

Alongside this, a consultation open until 2 August is calling for opinions about the future of environmental protections after Brexit. Suffolk Wildlife Trust, along with Wildlife Trusts across the country, is calling for the creation of a strong, independent environment watch dog and the introduction of an ambitious Environment Act. The Trusts are urging people to send a message in support of this to Defra.

Making the most of opportunities to speak up for wildlife and wild places, ensures government hears the concerns of environmental organisations and the public alike and the bigger the response the stronger the message. It only takes a minute to respond to each consultation, but collective action like this can encourage real and positive change for the natural world.