Nationally significant infrastructure projects

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

A number of nationally significant infrastructure projects are proposed for development either in Suffolk or off of the coast. These include:

Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station - more information on this project is available here.

East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm - this is comprised of four projects, ONE; ONE NORTH; TWO and THREE.

The Development Consent Order (DCO) for Project ONE was granted by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in June 2014. Construction is now underway. More information on this process is available here.

Project THREE has also been granted a Development Consent Order by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. More information is available here.

Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) are preparing proposals East Anglia ONE NORTH and East Anglia TWO offshore windfarm projects and are currently undertaking their Stage 4 (Preliminary Environmental Information) consultations. Further information on these consultations is available here and here. We are currently reviewing the consultation information and are preparing our responses. Once these are complete we will make copies available on this webpage.

The proposed onshore elements of these schemes include cable landfall north of Thorpeness with a cable corridor running north (and then possibly west) to a substations site. Following a Phase 3.5 consultation they have announced that a location just north of Friston is their preferred substation location (further details here). We responded to the Phase 3.5 consultation and a copy of our comments are available here.

More information on the two schemes is available here and here.

Galloper Offshore Wind Farm - a Development Consent Order has been granted for this project. More information is available here.