Proposed Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

Summary of our Concerns

We have significant concerns over the proposed development of Sizewell C. For more details on these concerns, please refer to our previous consultation responses below. Our most significant and pressing concerns include:

  • The direct and indirect loss of rare and protected habitats. These habitats, that include rare plants and animals, are ‘protected’ as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Despite this protection, a significant area of wildlife rich land will be permanently lost under the site. We also think EDF continue to fail to recognise that much of SSSI will be permanently impacted by changes in water level and water chemistry. This is nationally rare habitat that cannot be replaced;
  • Impacts on protected species, especially bats. The Sizewell Estate and wider area, is home to nationally and regionally important bat populations, including the barbastelle. These populations will be severely impacted by the development. Whilst proposals may seek to avoid important roost sites, the fragmentation of their feeding areas (bats are unlikely to fly over the development site, for example), is likely to cause permanent damage to their populations. We believe that EDF continue to underplay the severity of this impact;
  • Impacts on birds within the SSSI and over Minsmere Levels. The construction period, which is likely to last over ten years, will create levels of noise and lighting, that will displace many rare breeding and migrant birds. There is little evidence that EDF are taking this impact seriously;
  • Impacts on coastal processes and future land use. The local coastline is incredibly dynamic and it is hard to predict future levels of erosion and deposition. However, a new power station located further forward than Sizewell A and B, is likely to increase erosion north and south. This will impact on Minsmere frontage and the sluice, which is needed to control water levels at RSPB Minsmere and across Sizewell Belts SSSI. There appears to be limited clarity on how future management will adapt and indeed, how this will be paid for if Sizewell C does cause increased erosion. 

EDF Energy are consulting on their ‘Stage 4’ proposals for the Sizewell C nuclear power station. The consultation will run until 27th September 2019.

We have now finished considering the information in the consultation documents and have submitted our response. A copy of this can be found below.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Stage 4 Consultation Response

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