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Common pipistrelle bats by Tom Marshall

Suffolk Bat Group

The county's voluntary group of bat specialists

Suffolk Bat Group was formed in 1983 as a specialist group support by Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

The group is part of the Bat Conservtion Trust, a collective of 90 bat groups across the UK. Currently there are around 50 members in the group with at least half regularly participating in practical bat conservation.

Over the years, the group protected, enhanced, and created hibernation sites, carried out surveys using bat detectors and software, established bat box projects, and carried out surveys on barns and churches. Over 2,200 records have been collected on 13 species, this includes the discovery of two species new to Suffolk and the rediscovery of one species after many years absence from the county.

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If you find a sick or injured bat...

Please contact the Bat Conservation Trust's National Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4.30pm. An out-of-hours helpline, run by volunteers, operates between May and Setepmber for emergencies only - weekdays 6pm to 10pm, weekends & bank holidays 10am to 10pm.


If you find a bat or a roost...

Please note that Suffolk Wildlife Trust does not conduct wildlife rescuse.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust can conduct bat surveys for communities groups, churches, and private landowners - get in touch with us. Developers and large landowners can contact our Wilder Ecology consultancy for paid bat surveys.

For all other bat issues, visit the Bat Conservation Trust's dedicated webpage:

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