Week 4 of #30dayswild - river dips, a mass lobby and newts galore!

Black tailed skimmer by John Bogle

It's the end of June and our Hedgehog Officer Ali shares with us her random acts of wildness for week 4 of #30dayswild!

This month has absolutely flown by and I've loved every minute of it! Random acts of wildness can be large or small and regardless of how busy your day may be, making time for nature is always worth it!

Day 22 - Today I attended the Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Hedgehog Day and ran a Hedgehog Highway decoration activity. I loved seeing the artistic Hedgehog Highway creations but my favourite activity had to be the hedgehog-themed crazy golf. Obstacle features included hedgehog nests, tin pyramids of dog food, gates with hedgehog-sized gaps, piles of leaves, and the best bit - the golf clubs were all brilliantly crafted wooden hedgehogs! If you couldn't make it you can find lots of advice for hedgehog welfare on the SPHR website and lots of top-tips for championing hedgehogs in your local area on our own website here. I've been keeping a keen eye on my garden and was pleased to find lots of hedgehog droppings still scattered about! Check out this blog post if you're unsure what hedgehog droppings look like.

Hog crazy golf

Day 23 - garden appreciation! Today I spent some time admiring the birds foraging on the grasses in my garden. It's lovely to see birds foraging naturally, and today there were lots of house sparrows balancing delicately on the stalks swaying in the breeze! Remember you can take part in the Gardenwatch survey and log your garden bird activity here

Day 24 - A lovely afternoon and evening spent pond netting and setting bottle traps in search of newts (we found plenty). Have you seen any amphibians recently? Remember to log your sightings on the Record Pool, here.

Day 25 -This morning we checked the bottle traps and weren't disappointed; there were plenty of newts to practise my ID on! Practise yours, here. Don't know where to find amphibians? Why not build a mini-pond (or large pond!) in your garden? Find out how here. Creating a pond is one of the best things you can do to help wildlife, and you'll be surprised by how quickly they will become colonised.

Day 26 - Today myself and colleagues headed to Westminster for the largest environmental lobby the country has seen! #thetimeisnow lobby, organised by Greener UK and Climate Coalition, saw over 12,000 people queue to speak to their MP, with over 300 MPs being lobbied in total. The streets of Westminster had a brilliant feel; it was great to be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals. We managed to meet with 3 of our Suffolk MPs - Sandy Martin, Peter Aldous and Jo Churchill, with a good amount of time being given for each of our chats. It was very exciting entering the houses of parliament! If you weren't able to attend the lobby but would like your voice heard, consider contacting your MP, here.

Mass Lobby Westminster

Day 27 - Today I noticed that the edge of my lawn was bursting with strawberries - perfect for breakfast! I love growing fruit and herbs in my garden and whatever I forget to eat is a nice snack for the wildlife that uses my garden!

Day 28 - An evening spent along Felixstowe waterfront. A lovely pink sky and a bracingly cold sea!

Day 29 -Today was a scorcher of a day so I met friends for a glorious river swim! The banks were full of lush green vegetation, damselflies and dragonflies were darting around and the water was so clear we could easily see fish swimming from the bridge above. Beautiful! There are lots of beautiful rivers to explore in Suffolk, Visit Suffolk suggests their top 4 for taking a dip, here.

Day 30 - the nice weather has stuck so back to the river I headed for another dip, this time armed with a snorkel! An underwater world opened up with forests of freshwater plants floating up to the surface, sun rays breaking through the greenery and lots of fish exploring the world beneath. We even saved an emperor dragonfly that had hit water, and were able to admire its amazing eyes up close whilst it dried its wings.

#30dayswild might be over, but I know I'll be continuing to make time for nature in my day-to-day life. Why not join in and go #365dayswild?

River snorkeling