Weekly wild news from our reserves -18th December

Redgrave & Lopham Fen - Nick Lingwood

This week saw more wintry scenes, our brilliant volunteers returned to Redgrave & Lopham Fen, and the Konik ponies were engulfed in mist.

Winter wonderland

Stubble on the winter face of Redgrave & Lopham Fen’s ‘Great Fen’ was given a clean shave this week just in time for Christmas with the return of a small volunteer work party cutting, winching and chipping alder scrub. The early morning frost hung on as best it could but the uncapping of several thermos flasks at mid-morning break helped the thaw and fully revealed the winter hues of winter bark, branch and brash!

Lions, witches and wardrobes

Our new Seasonal Assistant, Alex Lack, described his first few weeks at Bradfield Woods as ‘magical, like something out of Narnia!’ Bradfield has historically produced timber products for furniture and broomsticks, but it would stretch the imagination somewhat to mistake a resident dormouse for a king cat!

Mist rolling in at Hen Reedbeds

Jamie Smith, North Suffolk Warden, watched as the mist rolled in, engulfing the ponies at Hen Reedbeds. Eery scenes!

Konik explores the reedbed

One of our Konik ponies was feeling adventurous this week, strolling deep into the reedbed for a munch… and then it was gone!

December blackthorn blossom!

Trimley Marshes Warden, Charlie McMurray, spotted some very early blackthorn blossom at Trimley Marshes this week. The mild weather for this time of year has meant some plants have started flowering a few months earlier than we would usually expect.

Blackthorn blossom in December - Charlie McMurray

Blackthorn blossom in December - Charlie McMurray

Well, that’s it for 2020! Whilst we’ll still be undertaking safety and livestock checks on our reserves, we’ll be back with more news in January. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our updates and getting an insight into the work we do. Wishing you a wildlife-filled Christmas, see you in 2021!