How we are funded

We are Suffolk’s nature charity. Action for wildlife, led by local people is our great strength and everything we do, and the way we do it, reflects this - especially our fundraising
We are primarily funded by members’ subscriptions and donations, and grants. Income from legacy gifts is set aside for projects which make a lasting difference to wildlife like buying or enlarging nature reserves. These are summarised in our Annual Review and detailed in our Full Accounts.
Suffolk Wildlife Trust is a registered charity, number 262777
Fundraising Regulator logo Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and Fundraising Preference Service. It fully endorses The Fundraising Promise 

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Our localness gives us a direct relationship with our members, volunteers, funders and the wider public which demonstrates our integrity and our commitment to being open and honest in all that we do.
Our members and volunteers are the Trust, and we cherish them. They are our local voice and our local ambassadors. As keen observers of our day to day activity, they keep us true to our values and ensure accountability at every level of the organisation.
We are resourceful, taking care to achieve the best possible outcomes with the funds and opportunities available to us. By working together to harness the experience and expertise of our staff and volunteers we can be bold in our approach and find innovative ways to champion Suffolk’s wildlife and enable others to take action for wildlife.
In practice this means:
  • We have never shared our members details with other organisations – and never will.
  • We do not buy mailing lists from other charities – and never will.
  • Our fundraising appeals are honest and realistic about what we aim to achieve.
  • We respect our donors wishes and only use donations for the purpose they were given.
  • Our Trustees, who are all local members of the Trust, oversee fundraising activities.
  • Our full annual accounts are assessed by independent auditors and published on our website.