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Rowley Grove - Steve Aylward

Rowley Grove is a precious ancient woodland situated on the southern border of Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Arger Fen & Spouse's Vale nature reserve near the villages of Bures, Nayland and Leavenheath. A surviving remnant of ‘old Suffolk’.

The wood was in private ownership and was put up for sale on the open market, so we have responded urgently to secure its future. We have successfully negotiated the purchase thanks to a generous legacy gift and we’re now hoping to fundraise £110,000. 

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Rowley Grove - Steve Aylward

Rowley Grove - Steve Aylward

Why is Rowley Grove so important for nature in Suffolk? 

To counter the climate and biodiversity crises, we desperately need more space for nature - 30% of land and sea needs to be put into recovery. Larger, more joined up spaces for nature are vital to allow wildlife to thrive and move through the landscape once again. 

Rowley Grove is situated right next to one of the former arable fields purchased by the Trust in 2012, thanks to another amazing legacy gift, which has been in the process of regenerating naturally ever since. Indeed, a seedling of one of the indicator species of ancient woodland – the small-leafed lime – has naturally spread from the wood into Peck's Piece. Small-leafed lime is notoriously difficult to spread naturally from seed, but with increasingly hot summers, this is becoming more likely.

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Map of Arger Fen and Spouse's Vale (red outline) showing Rowley Grove (green outline)

Rowley Grove covers an area of 12 acres (about 5 hectares) and is important habitat for many species and wildflowers typical of ancient woodland such as yellow archangel, greater stitchwort, bluebells, campion and primrose. Small-leafed lime, hazel and wild cherry also feature – once common, this mix of tree species is now restricted to a handful of ancient woodlands and is now considered rare in Suffolk. 

Rowley Grove will now become part of Arger Fen & Spouse's Vale nature reserve adding to the range of habitats that support a great diversity of wildlife. 

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Arger Fen looking over to Rowley Grove - Will Cranstoun

Arger Fen looking over to Rowley Grove - Will Cranstoun

Having Rowley Grove as part of the nature reserve is fantastic news and a welcome addition to Arger Fen and Spouse’s Vale nature reserve. As a valuable area of ancient woodland on our southeastern boundary offers diversity and connectivity within the local landscape; being able to safeguard this woodland will help us realise our wilder vision for this part of the nature reserve as we continue to put nature into recovery.
Will Cranstoun
West Suffolk Sites Manager

Read the story of how Arger Fen & Spouse's Vale has been transformed over recent years thanks to people who remembered Suffolk Wildlife Trust in their Will. The story of our recent gift to help us purchase Rowley Grove will be published shortly: