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Watch the transformation of Peto’s and Share Marshes.

After the tremendous news last spring of the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s commitment to our vision for 1,000 acres of wildness, the transformation of Carlton Marshes is well underway.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust volunteer John Lord has been taking photos and flying a drone over the marshes regularly to document the landscape-scale changes. We’ve been building a new network of pools, scrapes and dykes to create new areas of wetland habitat where wildlife can thrive. In these two short videos, you can compare how the marshes have changed from May to September 2019.

The marshes will be home to species such as marsh harrier, hobby, bittern, lapwing and redshank, as well as water vole and otter. Water plants such as water soldier and frogbit will have clean, fresh water in which to grow, and the air will be thick with dragonflies and damselflies. 28 species of dragonfly have already been recorded this year, making Carlton Marshes one of the best nature reserves for these stunning insects in Britain.

Fundraising has started for the new network of paths and viewpoints to make this stunning reserve accessible for everyone, so if you feel able to support us, your donation will be extremely welcome. Thank you

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Watch the transformation of Share Marsh here

Watch the transformation of Peto's Marsh here