Latest wildlife news from Lackford Lakes

Latest wildlife news from Lackford Lakes

Swifts by Bill Baston

Nightingales, swifts and swallows.

As we approach the end of April, the reserve comes alive with all those birds that have travelled to us from Africa.

Nightingales are now very vocal around the centre / church walk /education meadow.  Even on a day like today (light rain) we have been hearing them.

The first swifts arrived last weekend and now you can seen them most days high above the reserve.

Swallows and house martins are coming through in big numbers this week and the poorer weather means that they can be seen low down over the water - the sailing lake is a great location to watch these birds.

Common Sandpiper turned up this week and two individuals can be seen on the reserve.  One is often found on the slough, viewable from Pauls hide and the other seems to like the eastern end of the reserve.

In the last few days we have seen quite a few terns passing through mainly common terns but a few arctic terns have been seen over the sailing lake (morning best for this one)

Many of our warblers are very vocal right now - blackcap, garden warbler and reed warbler are best right now.

Three cuckoos have been seen around the reserve and can be heard most days - the slough area remains the best location for these.